Bridge Bearings Bridge Expansion Joints Elastomeric Bridge Bearings are designed to transform the movement and rotation of bridge structure into elasticity and minimizes the secondary stress generated in bridge because of the layered rubber sheets reinforced by metal plates. These bearings are designed to accommodate vertical, longitudinal, horizontal and transverse loads movements and rotation of the superstructure caused by thermal effect, traffic loads, structural load, wind load, seismic load. These bearings effectively release the stress on the bridge and have excellent rotation in all the directions and movements.

SARADHI Elastomeric Bridge Bearings with simple reinforcement are made up of multiple elastomer layers separated by reinforcing steel plates moulded on the actual layers, and can be manufactured in a rectangular or circular shape to meet individual engineering requirements.

Bridge Bearings,Neoprene Bearings

Bridge Bearings,Neoprene Bearings

Bridge Bearings,Neoprene Bearings

Bridge Bearings Bridge Expansion Joints


Free bearing allows rotation, longitudinal movement & transverse movements. The main components of a free bearing are the same as those of a fixed bearing, but are able to provide two-direction movements.

PTFE is a well known polymer which possesses some remarkable properties. The coefficient of friction when sliding against a polished surface can be as low as 0.01 which compares with ice sliding on ice. In addition, its coefficient of friction is the lowest at highest specific pressures which make it particularly suitable for use in structural bearings.

In order to minimize space requirements, Pot Bearings are designed for relatively high contact pressures against the structure. This also ensures lowest friction values. Most elastomers cannot sustain such pressures in their free state and must be effectively contained to prevent over straining. When constrained in this way, the elastomer behaves as a semi-viscous fluid and can safely accommodate useful degrees of angular displacement.

All SARADHI BEARING TECHNOLOGIES Pot Bearings can safely accommodate 0.01 radians rotation about any axis.