Bridge Expansion Joints

Bridge Expansion Joints Bridge Expansion Joints system consists of an elastomeric gland mechanically locked between two steel edge members providing a superior watertight sealing system. The rugged design of the Strip Seal Expansion Joint can easily accommodate the high loads of vehicular traffic while effectively sealing expansion joints in bridges and structures with movements up to range up to 80 mm (+/- 40 mm).

Bridge Expansion Joints can be manufactured to accommodate a variety of field configurations along with multidirectional movements.

Bridge Expansion Joints has been engineered so that the neoprene seal can be inserted either prior to or after the securing of the steel shapes to the superstructure. Machined Steel shapes maximize seal instalability and minimize manufacturing tolerance associated with overall Steel shape manufacture.

Bridge Expansion Joints

Bridge Expansion Joints

Bridge Expansion Joints


SARADHI COMPRESSION SEAL EXPANSION JOINT consists of steel armoured nosing at two edges of the joint gap suitably anchored to the deck concrete and a performed chloroprene elastomer compressed and fixed into the joint gap with special adhesive girder.

The compression seal will cater for a horizontal movement upto 40mm and vertical movement of 3mm.

It is recommended for simply supported or continuous spans right or skew moderately curved with maximum horizontal movement not exceeding 40mm.


SARADHI SLAB SEAL joint will consist of steel insert and elastomeric slab unit. This type of seal is recommended for simply supported or continuous spans, right or skew (less than 20 degree), moderately curved with maximum movement upto 50mm.

SARADHI SLAB SEAL expansion joint has been used for many years with a good success rate. However, the larger size of the joint tends to create more noise under traffic.

SARADHI Elastomeric joints are normally supplied in unit length and fixed to the deck using bolt anchors. If required tensioned cast iron bolts should be used to anchor this joint. If site drilled installations are used, the holes should be under reamed prior to fixing the bolts. An adequate length of the bolt should be de-bonded so that any relaxation over the bolt length does not result in complete loss of tension in the bolt.






It provides unique properties to withstand high water pressure in combination with large movements in all directions.

It is an ideal solution for joints where large gap movements are expected as a result of temperature effects and/or settlement Omega profile can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to fit almost any application. It is ideal for Metro rail projects